KIK Features

Kik is one of the best instant messenger applications for smartphones. You can download and use this free application on both Android on IOS. Kik messenger is modified as compared to BlackBerry messenger. It uses smartphone WIFI or mobile data to transmit and receive messages, videos, photos, mobile webpages, sketches and other content after users register a username. Kik is known for its best features preserving user’s anonymity, such as allowing any user to create an account without telephone number. According to Kik interactive, in 2015, Kik messenger has about 240million registered users. Also this messenger was used by about 45% of US teenagers.


The key attraction of this messenger that differentiates it from other messenger is its anonymity. To create Kik account it is must for the user to enter a first and last name, date of birth (It is must be at least 13 years old), email address, username. Birth of date and user names are not verified, so that’s why this messenger allow the user to misrepresent their age or indemnity if they so choose. Creation of account on this messenger doesn’t require or request the entry of mobile number(However the Kik user has the option to enter the mobile number), unlike lots of other messengers that require a user to provide a functioning mobile number.

According to New York Times,anonymity features of Kik go beyond those of most widely used apps. In February2016, Kik guide for law enforcement said that the company locates that user accounts which are based on first and last name, date of birth, email address,for locating a particular account exact username is required. The kik’s guide also tells that company doesn’t have access to historical user data or comet such as videos, text, photographs as well as conversations. All the videos and photographs are deleted very shortly after they are sent.

Users can add new friends from all over the world by just putting their kik usernames. There is a username search option built on the app, so if anyone happens to know kik username of any others, they can easily search and add them.

A limited amount of data such as first name and last name, email address, date of birth, link to a current profile picture, user location information such as IP address can be preserved for 90 days for particular account. Anonymity of Kik has been controversial because the lack of tracking and detection has attracted some illicit users which also include online predators. It has been suggested that mobile number is no included in the account, so anyone can use one Kik account on a verity of mobile devices other than a smartphone. This feature of Kik has attracted young teens as well as child because they are less likely to have smartphones. However anonymity of Kik has been cited as one of the best protective safety measure for great faith users.

Since May 2014 safety features is also included in the Kik messenger that blurs messages from strangers, so inthis way it is must for the user to opt in to the messenger to view content which by send by the users outside their network. Also users have the option toblock another user from contacting them or delete any offensive content. These features are included in these messengers in response to the widespread use of Kik for “Cross-App” communication, whereby a user encounters people on another smartphone app and then he use Kik messenger to communicate with them.

In 2015 Kik has introduced several other new features such as full screen in chat browser that enable the user to find and share text, photos and videos from the web. Also another feature is also included in this messenger that allows the user to send previously recorded videos and Kik codes. In this feature each user is assigned by a unique code which is similar to QR code, making it very easier to chat with other peoples.This features allows users to add users on their list with the kik usernames.

There are many other online user directory sites available for kik users where you can find strangers kik usernames. If you want to find kik girls username or kik guys usernames , they come in real handy.


In November 2014 Kik messenger scored 2 out of 7 points on the Electronic Frontier Foundations secure messaging scorecard. During transit Kik messenger has received a point for encryption but lost lots of points because communication among user is not encrypted with a key to which the messenger provider doesn’t have access. Users are not able to verify contacts. Past messenger are also not secure if the encryption keys are stolen. Security design of this messenger is not properly documented and in this messenger there had been independent security audit.

Minors Use of KIK Messenger

Kik messenger has been criticized for providing the users parental control over minors use of this smartphone app. The ability to share text messages, photos and videos without altering parents have been noted as one of the best feature due to which teens love Kik messenger.Parents are not able to see their child’s Kik communications remotely with the help of another device, but instead of this parents must have username and password to their child’s kik account and parents are able to view the whole communication on the same device which is used by their child.

In 2016 Kik messenger parent; guide that it is must for the teens between 13 to 17 years should have a parent’s permission to use kik messenger, but there is not technical way to guarantee that minors will not enter a false date of birth or to enforce the requirement.According to kik interactive kik uses typical industry standards for age verification and after verification kik deletes all the account of user which is under 12 when it finds them. Also kik deletes the account when parents request the delegation.

History of KIK Messenger

Kik was developed in 2009 by a group of students belonging from the University of Waterloo in Canada. This group of students wished to create new app messaging app for smartphones. This messenger was first time developed by Kik interactive and after all it was released in2010. Kik messenger reached 1 billion user registrations within 15 days of its released. At the end of 2010 Research in Motion which is also called RIM removed kik from BlackBerry app world; also RIM limited the functionality of this smartphone app for its users. RIM also said Kik interactive for misuse of trademarks as well as for patent infringement. The companies settled the law suit with the terms of undisclosed in October, 2013.

In 2014 kik messenger announced a$39.3 million Series C funding round and this is the first acquisition of kik buying GIF Messenger Relay. The funding was from Millennium Technology Value,Valiant Capital Partners and SV Angel. By this time kik messenger has raised a total of $72.5 Million.